Terms and Conditions

The Products supplied under the following conditions are sold by Everyitaly by Sebastiano Casinotti, Piazza Archimede, 2 – 96015, Francofonte (SR), VAT number 01959520899, hereinafter referred to as ‘Everyitaly’

Article 1 – Definitions

The ‘General Conditions’ are designated by this document, whereas the ‘Customer’ can be any individual, whether they are a consumer or professional, who purchases one of Everyitaly’s Products on the basis of the information reported on the portal www.everyitaly.com and in the General Conditions.

The term ‘Products’ signifies everything sold by Everyitaly on the website www.everyitaly.com, which it uses to sell its products, whereas the term ‘Website’ signifies the web pages available by visiting the www.everyitaly.com URL.

However, ‘Purchase Order’ is the order made by Customers on which the various Products are described and which is provided by the system after payment has been confirmed.

The ‘Sales Contract’ refers to the sales contract maden between Customers and Everyitaly as a result of the Purchase Order. The latter will be confirmed by Everyitaly once the sum indicated on the Purchase Order has been paid and verified.

Article 2 – General conditions of sale

Before purchasing Everyitaly Products, Customers declare that they have seen, read and accepted the aforementioned General Conditions under the methods defined by the general conditions that can be consulted on the www.everyitaly.com website.

The consumer also declares that they have read the various details specified during the purchase procedure.

Everyitaly advises Customers to keep a copy of these general conditions to consult at any time. These general conditions are an essential element of every Purchase Order and sale contract of the Products sold on the www.everyitaly.com website.

Article 3 – Contract signing

Customers can make a purchase on the website by consulting the product information provided. When making a purchase, Customers may select the Products to see what their overall price is including shipping costs.

The Purchase Order is modifiable after the payment has been made. Purchase Orders must be complete and show the Products ordered, customer invoicing and delivery information, and the delivery address in a timely manner.

Everyitaly can decide to process the order or not after checking to see if the goods are in stock.

The Purchase Order is a contract proposal submitted by Customers via the Web. The order confirmation, performed by Everyitaly and emailed to Customers at the address provided, reports information about the order and constitutes acceptance of the contract proposal.

The Order Confirmation, performed by Everyitaly, will occur only after the Products indicated in the Purchase Order have been paid for. The contract will be concluded and is binding for both parties when confirmation of the Purchase Order has been forwarded to the Customer.

The Order Confirmation contains various information: order details, the price of the purchased products, shipping costs as well as any additional fees, the delivery address and the type of delivery the Customer has selected.

Everyitaly reserves the right to reject a purchase when the data provided is fake, because of a previous breach of contract, if the Products are unavailable and for cases which do not meet the company’s economic interests and policies.

Article 4 – Payments and refunds

Customers can pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

The details for bank transfers are as follows:

Everyitaly from Sebastiano Casinotti

IBAN: IT13C0312717100000000004077

BANK: Unipol Banca

Article 5 – Delivery times and methods

Everyitaly will deliver Products to Customers in Italy and in Europe using trusted couriers based on the methods indicated in the Order Confirmation in Article 3. Delivery methods, times and costs will be shown on the Website when orders are placed.

Delivery times shown on the Website are indicative. Customer contact and delivery times depend on the courier chosen by Everyitaly regarding the type of order and may be determined before delivery or after the first delivery attempt.

Products will be delivered to the address indicated by Customers when purchasing on the Website. Customers must check that their delivery information is correct and complete and provide at least two alternative means of contact when the Purchase Order is made (e.g. email and telephone number).

The delivery will contain the products selected at the time of purchase.

Customers must specify any issues or specific conditions about delivering to the address provided which may make it difficult to carry out the delivery.

For pedestrian areas, packages can only be delivered as far as vehicles are allowed to access. Unless specified in the Delivery Service indicated in the Purchase Order, no porterage will be provided inside Customers’ homes.

Only after Products have been sent will tax documents (invoices/receipt) be published in the Customer area of the Website which Customers can view by logging in.

The delivery document (delivery note) will be provided by Everyitaly and must be signed by Customers upon delivery.

When Products are delivered, Customers must check that the number of packages delivered matches what is indicated in the Courier’s accompanying document.

Customers must also make sure that the packaging is intact, undamaged, dry and has not been tampered with. Once Customers have signed the Courier’s delivery note, they will be unable to contest the quality or quantity of what has been delivered.

Customers can check the status of the Purchase Order either on the Website or by contacting the customer service.

Article 6 – Prices

Product prices are displayed in euros on the Website and include all taxes, VAT and e-waste eco-contribution where required by applicable law.

Shipping costs and any ancillary charges are calculated and shown when purchasing and included in the Purchase Order and Order Confirmation.

Article 7 – Liability

Everyitaly will not be held liable for any disruption caused by force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. This includes any internet malfunction which prevents it from being able to execute the order within the time frame set out in the contract.

All product descriptions indicated on the Website are indicative and non-contractual. Everyitaly will not be held liable if one or more products is unavailable.

Everyitaly will also not be held liable for damages, losses or fees incurred by Customers if the contract is not executed for reasons out of its control. Nonetheless, Customers are entitled to return items and receive a full refund.

Article 8 – Right of withdrawal

Except as indicated in Article 9, Customers have the right to withdraw from the contract stipulated on the Website or within 14 days without having to face penalties or give any justification. This period starts from the day the Customer takes delivery of the Product. This withdrawal covers any products purchased as a whole or just part of them.

Customers can use their right of withdrawal by sending a request through the contact form available at www.everyitaly.com/contacts.

Products must be returned within 14 days from Everyitaly answering the notification sent by the Customer of the decision to withdraw from the contract. Customers must then send the Product back to the address indicated.

To request a full refund, Products must be sent back complete and in their original packaging. Customers are responsible for paying for postage fees.

Article 9 – Right of return

While what is set out in article 8 regarding the right of withdrawal remains valid, Customers who purchased a Product retain the right to return it within 31 days from when it was purchased or delivered.

The Product being returned must be complete, intact, still in its box and sent back with all accessories, instruction manuals and every component in the original packaging it was delivered with.

For returns to be processed online, Customers must comply with the procedures and terms of acceptance of the application sent by email from Everyitaly. If Customers refuse to comply, Everyitaly will not be able to accept the request. Products must be sent back within 30 days of the online return request.

Following this request, Customers will be provided with information about what information must be provided in the delivery receipt to the courier which carries out the delivery. Unless otherwise specified, Customers are responsible for paying postage fees.

For Customers to qualify for a full refund, Products must be complete, intact, still in their box and sent back with all accessories, instruction manuals and every component in the original packaging they were delivered with. Refunds shall be processed to the individual who placed the order through one of the methods available to Everyitaly within a reasonable amount of time, and only once the Product has been received and check thoroughly for any faults or issues.

Article 10 – Right of refund

If any products are received but have been damaged by a third party, Everyitaly is required to compensate the Customer by sending them a product of equal value when a subsequent purchase is made.

This will only happen once the Customer sends photographic evidence by email or through the contact form to prove the damage within 24 hours of taking delivery of the product.

Refunds cannot be given in cash or any similar payment method.

Article 11 – Contract archiving

Pursuant to Art. 12 of Legislative Decree 70/2003, Everyitaly informs Customers that every order is digitally stored on the server owned by Everyitaly based on confidentiality and security criteria.

Article 12 – Communication and customer support service

If Customers require information or clarification about a particular matter, they should contact the customer support service by filling in the form on the contact page, by calling 3934385838 or by sending an email to info@everyitaly.com. Customers must write their home address, telephone number or the e-mail address which they can be reached at on the registration form.

Article 13 – Applicable law and competent court

These General Conditions of Sale are subject to Italian law. Any controversy that cannot be settled amicably, even by using recognized conciliation bodies, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the Customers’ place of residence.