Pistachio Pesto Sciara

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Pistachio Pesto is a tasty and versatile condiment. It can be used to prepare fine first courses but also to season a delicious bruschetta.
Using Pistachio Pesto is a creative way to enjoy a classic of Italian tradition revisited by Sicilian cuisine. Sciara selects natural ingredients to create a high quality artisan product.

Product without gluten and without milk.

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pistachio (60%), sunflower oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg, dietary fiber.

How to use

In addition to being perfect to dress pasta, pistachio pesto can be spread on toast with prawns, or used to create a savory aubergine tart, to prepare a risotto with speck, rustic with ricotta or aubergine lasagna with speck.

Nutrition Facts

(average values for 100g)

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