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Colomba artigianale ai frutti di bosco

Colomba artigianale ai frutti di bosco con cioccolato al latte e frutti di bosco.


Colomba artigianale al cioccolato fondente

Colomba artigianale al cioccolato fondente, con glassa e cioccolato in scaglie.


Organic red orange marmalade

Organic red orange marmalade

This Organic Red Orange Jam is produced with only two ingredients, both from organic agricolture: Sicilian red oranges and cane sugar.

Marmellata di Limone

Italian Organic Lemon Jam

With a citrus scent and a sour taste, the lemon jam Bella Mia is handcrafted with organically grown Sicilian lemons.


Italian Organic Tomato Sauce

Cherry tomatoes from biological agricolture constitute 95% of this Italian tomato sauce. Extra virgin olive oil, salt and basil create a genuine taste.


Cherry tomato pesto

Cherry tomato pesto ready to use, excellent for a quick pasta meal or a bruschetta.


Succo di Pesca

Peach Juice

This peach juice is handcrafted in Italy and consists in a minimum of 75% fresh fruits.

Succo di Pera

Pear Juice

This pear juice is handcrafted in Italy and consists in a minimum of 75% fresh fruits.



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The “dream” of EveryItaly consists in linking Italian food producers, that represent quality, with private customers and companies, who want to offer an exclusive food experience.

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